Pet Boarding serving Spring Park, MN

Boarding your pet at Oak Ridge will give you pease of mind while you are on vacation. Your pet will be cared for by our trained professional staff to ensure your pet is comfortable and happy. We'll care for your pet as though it were our own.

We supply a Kuranda Bed for each pooch. These dog beds provide excellent joint support, and are chew proof. You can add an additional soft mat top also. Please do not bring your pet's bed unless medically necessary.

Dog Boarding Rates

Barking Good Time!

Individual attention and 3 walks on leash per day.
Medication if necessary up to 2 pills per dose,  2 doses per day.

$46 First Dog - $41 Each Additional Dog


Howling Good Time!

Individual attention, 2-3 walks on leash & 1 OFF LEASH play time up to 20 minutes per day,
inside/outside or love time in room.
1 Text report during stay.
Medication if necessary up to 2 pills per dose, 2 doses per day.

$54 First Dog - $49 Each Additional Dog


Leader Of The Pack!

Individual attention, 2-3 walks per day on leash.
2 OFF LEASH play times up to 20 minutes each per day either outside, inside, or love time in room.
AM & PM Treats
Text report with picture one time during stay.
Medication if necessary up to 2 pills per dose, 2 doses per day.

$64 for the first dog - $59 Each Additional Dog


* Price subject to change without advanced notice*


Additional Delights For Your Pets Stay

Baths:  Pricing is based on the size of your pet and time needed to complete the bath. 

Extra brushing:  A 5 minute brush out is included with the price of your bath.  If extra brushing is requested it is charged out at $15.00 per 10 min.  Brushing may be requested without a bath.

Low-shedding treatment: Consists of special de shedding shampoo and conditioner.  Blow out, and special brushing techniques help in reducing the amount of shedding your pet has.  $25.00, may be less for smaller dogs.

Ear cleaning:  Is included in the price of the bath but may be requested without a bath for $10.00.

Nail clipping/sanding:  Nail clipping $12.00, Nail sanding $15.00, Or both $20.00

Teeth cleaning: $10.00

Mini bath:  A bath with no ears, brushing or nails.  Pricing is based on the size so please ask for pricing when you bring in your pet.

Play time:  Your pet is outside three times per day on leash for a quick walk and potty break.  Play time can be off leash outside, inside or if your pet is not active you can opt for loving time inside their room by a staff member.  If you have multiple pets they can be outside together (additional fees apply for each pet.)  Up to 20 minutes for $8.00.

Mat for floor of kennel:  $5.00 per day per mat.   

Soft Bed Add On: for Kuranda Bed:  $5.00 per day

Text report:  Want to check in?  We will text you a report, $3.00 per time.  Picture of your pet included with report, $5.00.

Injections/multiple dose medication: 2 pills per dose, 2 does per day is included in the boarding.  Injections are $5.00 per day- additional medication $5.00 per day.

Treats:  Multiple available, see list during reservation process.

Immunizations Required

Please make certain all immunizations are current before boarding your pet. Bring in a copy of the shot records for us to keep as well as any medications needed.

What To Bring

Please bring their own food and do not feed your pet for at least four hours before you bring him/her to the kennel. This will minimize the possibility of stomach upset.

Bring your pet to the kennel early enough to adjust to the setting before night.

Provide a freshly-washed rug or towel for your pet (optional).

Bring some of your pet's favorite toys (Optional).

How we care for your pet(s):

Rooms are cleaned daily

Dogs are walked and watched carefully

Dogs are taken out 3 or more times a day

Dogs are individually handled and receive personal care such as petting, talking to, playing, etc.

24 hour music and security along with a back up generator will keep your pet safe and comfortable.

Rocky Speaks Up!

Our dogs have been coming to Oak Ridge for 11 years. Our dog Rocky is very excited when we arrive! He also gets a great bath now and then." Gina Y

Crystal Woofs!

Crystal has always enjoyed coming to see all her friends at Oak Ridge, she is treated like she is at home! Lora S

Bingo's A Regular!

Bingo loves to come to Oak Ridge! Jodie R

Oak Ridge Pet Boarding for customers in Spring Park, MN and all through the Twin Cities who prefer a country setting for their beloved pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What shots does my dog need?

Your pet(s) need to be current in Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. Proof needs to be provided at the time your pet is boarded and maintained so that they are current at each visit.

2. What is Bordetella?

Bordetella is commonly referred to as “kennel cough.” Simply put, it is like contracting the flu. You can compare the Bordetella vaccine with the flu shot. It may not keep you from getting the flu, but should lessen the symptoms, and duration. We strive to keep a clean boarding facility. Multiple pets in one environment just like with people increases the chance that a transmission could occur, that is why we require Bordetella for every pet.

3. Will my dogs get to play with other dogs while they are being boarded?

Unless there are dogs from the same home, we do not allow dogs to be loose around each other. That does not mean that your dog will not see or be around other dogs, it means that if they are outside their room they will be on leash with us and so will any other dogs in the play yard. If you choose to give your dog outside/inside playtime, then they will have the opportunity to be off leash but no other dogs will be in the yard at that time. A staff member will be outside with your dog ready to have fun playing fetch, or just giving an awesome belly rub, or just letting them have some free space to enjoy the fresh air.

4. Can my dogs be in the same room together?

We take an individual approach to this request. If you feel that they will be happy together in the same room, then we will try to accommodate that request. If, after starting their visit, we feel that it is not working due to size constraints or behavior, we may separate them to rooms next to each other or across from each other so they can still have a visible connection. We have had dogs together and then separate at bedtime, or together and then separate for feeding times. Our goal is to make sure that your pet is happy and safe during their stay and with our individual attention we are able to monitor your pet and make those determinations early on in their stay.

5. My dog requires special attention?

We strive to provide each pet with whatever services they need to have a wonderful stay while being with us. Our staff will do everything they can to accommodate your request. Most special requests will be referred to the Manager so she can determine if it something that we will be able to accommodate.

6. Do you charge for medications?

Depending on your pet’s needs, their medication may be covered in your daily boarding rate. If your pet needs 2 doses of medication 2 times a day or less, then it is covered. Insulin injections are $5.00 per injection per pet, and multiple medications or medications more than 2 times per day is $5.00 per day per pet. Supplements given in the form of treats or pills are considered medication.

7. Can I just put their pills/supplements in their food?

No, it is critical that we know what your pet is getting and the dose. If there should be an emergency and your dog needs emergency attention, we need to be able to tell the medical staff exactly what your pet is taking and provide the bottles. Medication needs to be in the original bottles with the dose clearly marked.

8. Can someone other than the owner drop off/pick up my pet?

If this is your pet’s first visit, the owner is required to bring the pet in so that the proper paperwork can be done. If that is a problem we can easily arrange for you to come in advance of your pet’s stay, and fill out the needed paperwork. Please just let us know so we can make an appointment for you. If someone other than yourself is dropping off we will need to know the person’s name. If picking up, we will need to know the name and that person will have to provide ID before the pet will be released. Payment will need to be made in advance or made over the phone before pick up.

9. You are not open Sunday morning, but I need to drop off/pick up, what do I do?

Our office is not open Sunday mornings but staff are in the facility with the dogs. If you need to drop off or pick up, we can make arrangements for you to do so. We have a short window that you will have to make and there is an early, drop off/pick up fee. Arrangements would need to be made in advance for this service.

10. My dog is aggressive will you take him?

We look at dogs on an individual basis. If your dog is human aggressive we will not be able to take them. The safety of our staff would supersede the ability to accept any aggressive dog. If your dog is dog aggressive then we would need to meet you and your dog to determine if we can meet your pet’s needs. Many times because of your individual attention philosophy, we can accommodate an aggressive dog. However, if we feel that we cannot control your dog around other dogs, due to size or aggression then we will not be able to take them. Again the safety of our staff and the other dogs would be priority.


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